The Spotlight Awards - A Yearlong Celebration

Our unique awards ecosystem focuses on objective criteria - awarding organizations for data-driven achievements, rather than arbitrary votes or hazy criteria.

2024 Awards

Seeing Stars

Qualifying consumer-facing businesses with 4.75 star average rating across Google, Yelp, Angie's List and Facebook.

Awarded annually in November

Corporate Conversations

>40 corporate podcasts within the last 12 months, average 1k+ listeners per episode (verified by Recipher).

Awarded annually in January

Pioneer Certified

Over 50% company ownership by first-generation immigrant(s).

Awarded annually in November

Equal Pay

Qualifying organizations with <2% pay variance across equivalent titles within organization.

Awarded annually in march on Equal Pay Day

And More...

Across various categories including sales & marketing, financial, HR, stakeholder practices, IT and sales & customer service.

Eligible categories for companies across all sizes and industries.